Adieu to Morocco

September 8th - September 9th, 1999

Casablanca was all business for us this time. We confirmed our flights, arranged tickets on the very nice commuter rail line that heads right into the airport, and found a new NiMH charger (NiMH = nickel metal hydride, the rechargeable batteries we're using for the digital camera) to replace the one that croaked in the baggage hold during a CTM bus ride. All went according to plan and we caught our plane at 10:30PM the night of the ninth.

We also stumbled into the information we sorely needed in Rabat: the complete list of embassies and consulates in Morocco. Turns out there is a Mali embassy in Rabat, despite what everyone told us. For future reference, we've taken the trouble to write down the addresses of all the embassies of all the African countries in Morocco.

Algeria: 46, Rue Tarik ibn Ziyad, Tel: 76.54.74
Benin: 30, Av. Mehdi Ben Barka, Tel: 75.41.58
Burkina Faso: 7, Rue Al Bourziri, Tel: 67.55.12
Congo (Zaïre): 34, Av. An Nasr., Tel: 73.48.62
Cameroon: 20, Rue du Rif - Souissi, Tel: 75.41.94/75.88.18
Central African Republic: 42, Rue pasteur, Tel: 72.41.98
Cote D'Ivoire: 21, Rue DeTiddas, Tel 76.31.51
Egypt: 31, Av. D'Alger, Tel: 73.18.33
Gabon: Km 3,5 Av. Imam Malek, Tel: 75.19.50
Guinea: 15, Rue Hamza Agdal., Tel: 67.41.48/67.34.88
Equatorial Guinea: 11, Av. Al Oumam Moutahida, Tel: 77.42.05
Libya: Zankat Chouaib Doukkaly, Tel: 76.68.63
Mali: 56, Cité OLM. Souissi II, Tel: 75.91.25
Mauritania: 266 Cité OLM Souissi II, Tel: 65.66.78/65.66.75
Nigeria: Chancelleria: 70, Av Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Tel: 77.18.56/67.18.57
Senegal: 17 Rue Cadi Amandi, Tel 75.41.71
South Africa: 34, Rue Des Saâdiens, Tel: 70.67.60, Fax: 70.67.56
Sudan: 5, Rue Ghomara, Souissi, Tel: 75.28.63
Tunisia: 6, Av. de Fès, Tel: 73.06.36/37


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