We've been told that what we're doing, taking a massive time off to go see the world, is referred to as "OE" in New Zealand. "OE" stands for Overseas Expedition, but also alludes to relieving oneself of his or her narrow view of the world. New Zealanders feel it's necessary, as they traditionally have viewed their country as isolated. Americans don't normally feel that way, but in many ways the American psyche is as isolated as any -- most Americans never leave the country at all, and so many of us wait until we're very old to do so. After all, to explore North America thoroughly could easily take most of one's lifetime, so why travel abroad? And we do have that "center of the universe" attitude, since America is the source of so much that is good (and bad!) in the world culture.

However, to understand one's culture one needs some perspective on it all. View the beast from the outside, so to speak. So, at the turn of the century we've decided to see as much as we can in a few years. This web page will act as sort of a public pictoral diary of what we've seen and done. We'll try to keep it light, but it will depict what we encounter.

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    With the trip nearly over, Jim is in South Africa to sell the Land Rover and prepare to return home.

    last updated: July 15th, 2000.

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