June 13th, 2000 - July 5th, 2000

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13.6.00 flat, slow border, drive until late

14.6.00 arrive Dar Es Salaam, notice leak

15.6.00 holiday, pizza with Beat and Sylvia

16.6.00 shop for car parts, try to arrange tank repair

17.6.00 pull tank out

18.6.00 rain all day

19.6.00 spend morning trying to get tank, repair front left brake, get tank back late

20.6.00 fix gas tank, get ready to backpack

21.6.00 arrive Zanzibar, bike falls apart

22.6.00 learn Stone Town, palace of wonders

23.6.00 Spice tour

24.6.00 shopping, baths, slave house, nice sunset

25.6.00 Back to Dar

26.6.00 Get organized, shop, note alternator is on the fritz, Dirk gets malaria

27.6.00 Overlander faints, dinner with Jen

28.6.00 Drive to Arusha

29.6.00 Alternator day in Arusha

30.6.00 Ngorogoro crater

1.7.00 See crater at dawn, visit Olduvai

2.7.00 brutal fog, Drive back to Arusha, put in diode pack, meet archeologist Johanna

3.7.00 Cool heels at Masai Camp

4.7.00 Drive from Arusha to Dar

5.7.00 Drive from Dar to Old Farm House, cornbread pizza flop

6.7.00 Drive from Old Farmhouse near Iringa to Hot Springs

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